I am constantly logging onto your site and reading everything posted. I teach both skate and classic to beginners and early intermediate skiers. I gain a lot of positive input from the site that I directly apply to my teaching. I must have played and replayed each of your instructional videos 20-30 times, trying to hang on every word and squeeze something new each time.

I remain ever more impressed with the three of you…centred around a light-hearted and sort of casual approach to a very complicated sport, and even more complicated role of trying to explain it…the combination works really well for me. You are providing new and updated video, responding to the communications in a diligent manner.

I am entirely impressed with your remake of an earlier video. This is exactly what all instructors or students of Nordic should do. Techniques change and probably always will, and we need to be un-presumptuous and unassuming in showing that we can always improve…bravo on that!

I really like the overall approach to delivery of everything you have accomplished..incredible video, very clear, thoughtful and polite (kindness always come to mind!)..and truly expert commentary, effective use of Coach’s Eye app, which I am trying to emulate. Through the high level of thoughtfulness of the subject and audience, you have shown that you truly and deeply care about helping us enjoy and grow with this life-long sport. The only thing you could do better is keep doing what you're doing!


I have really enjoyed your videos. There are others out there on the internet, but I have not found them very helpful and felt they were always missing some key piece of information. Your instruction has been much easier to put into practice.


I started with the dry land training exercises and saw an immediate improvement in balance. I was already working on strength, flexibility, and stamina, but needed help with balance. The exercises on XC Nation are very helpful. I've only been able to ski a few times this season due to weather conditions, but I noticed a big improvement in technique. I'm looking forward to continuing improvement this year. I find the website incredibly helpful and loaded with information. I need more time to explore it, which hopefully I will have this week over the holidays. I think you're doing an amazing job, and I definitely am getting my money's worth. I love the site!


These guys make you see technical details that you don't see by yourself watching World Cup videos. After watching their offset video, I quickly realized some flaws in my technique, applied them and immediately saw massive improvement in my weekly uphill intervals.


I have access to quite a number of certified instructors and coaches, but your program fills a niche that they don't. Your videos, your top-drawer models, and your insightful and nuanced discussions have a lasting impact. In this format I can watch the segments over and over: then, they're in my head when I ski. I sensed from your early, introductory segments that this was going to be good. You've already exceeded my expectations.


The key to improvement is my studying your site each day.


I've used the site's expert advice and resources to improve my skiing performance, enjoyment and training. Your site is currently exceeding my needs.


Your tips will really help my own skiing as well as give me ideas for others. Looking forward to further content and progress!


XC Ski Nation has already helped me get results! I found the in depth coverage of the ski technics extremely useful! The technic analysis of some XC Ski Nation members on video even though not done on myself gave me so such information on what to work on to improve!


The technique analyses at XCSN cover high level fundamentals that resulted in practical improvements to my efficiency. Even though I have gathered a lot of tricks and feelings through my 35 years of skiing experience, this recent viewing has really helped me putting the pieces together.


Material is thoughtful and provocative. Tutorials and critiques with Chris are great. Technique demos and explanations are great. Keep em coming!


I really like how you are spending time on the technical aspects of the various nordic techniques. It makes me much more aware of such things as body position, poling technique, etc. To early to say I am getting results that are permanent but clearly getting better results when the focus is there. I also like the use of the tablet with lines, etc. to show body positions. Very helpful. Finally, appreciate your keeping up on the advancements in technique. Keep up the good work. I have recommended the site to many of my Nord buddies.


I really enjoy the deconstruction of technique. The description of how to do things and what I need to be aware of is excellent.