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Q. What if I regret joining XC Ski Nation?

Please ask for a refund. We understand that it's difficult to know what to expect with online purchases.

Q. What if I forget I joined and you keep charging my credit card?

We send regular email communications to members. We send a reminder prior to the 30 day cancellation deadline and 2 reminders prior to the annual renewal date.

We can't control your email's filters. Please add these email addresses to your contact list: hello (at) xcskination.com and kim (at) xcskination.com. We also strongly suggest you also mark you calendar with a reminder of renewal.

Q. Can we share a membership?

Please do not share your membership beyond your household. I know this is easy to forget on the Internet, but we are real people and we rely on your honesty to help make XC Ski Nation a success.

Q. How does this compare to in-person coaching?

XC Ski Nation is a completely different experience. There's no standing around in the cold while a coach talks. You can watch videos as many times as you like. Slow motion videos are especially powerful and cannot be matched by in-person lessons. Our members are gaining an incredible level of expertise from the comfort of their home. 

Q. Is this a complete, step-by-step guide to xc skiing?

Not yet, but it's getting closer. Our novice members tell us they are experiencing rapid growth. Frankly, we're surprised by how quickly they are progressing.

Q. Can I download your courses?

Most lesson videos are only available by live streaming so you don’t have to worry about managing large files. Where appropriate, we also provide short downloadable videos for easy reference when you’re out of Internet range.

Q. Do you have a regular schedule for releasing new content?

Not at this point. XC Ski Nation is an evolving resource and we do our best to respond to member needs and requests. The course library is extensive.

Q. Do the videos have transcripts?

We are working on creating transcripts and summary notes for all our videos, but it's a slow process. Text-based content is important to us. We know it's valuable to our members who use English as a second language and makes the site more searchable for everyone. Please email for more information if this is important to you.

FAQs for Coaches

Q. What is your coaching philosophy?

We don’t pretend to have all the answers. XC Ski Nation is a work in progress and our thoughts about ski technique are evolving.

As a general rule, we believe ski techniques should be aligned with the basic principles of functional movement. But, as you well know, ideas and norms about "good movement" continue to evolve.

Q. Will I agree with all your ideas?

Not likely.

Q. Will I learn anything new from XC Ski Nation?

Hard to say. Our coach members enjoy the chance to see how other coaches interpret technique and explain different drills and ideas. They integrate our ideas into their own and come up with something that works for them.

Q. Can I submit video of my athletes for technique analysis?

No. The person in the video has to sign off permission for us to use the video. This is all done electronically and assumes the account holder is the person in the video (or at least a member of the same household).

Q. Can I share my login with my club members/athletes?

Please, please, please, we beg you not to do that! We are coaches just like you and XC Ski Nation demands a lot of our resources (time and money). We rely on members not sharing their login details outside of their household.

Q. Can I show your videos to my athletes?

Sure, as long as you are with them for the viewing. Many of our coach members use our videos with their athletes. Our demo videos are great for this purpose.