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XC Ski Nation is a membership site for people who love cross country skiing and want to improve their efficiency. An annual subscription works out to less than $10/month and gets you:

Expert Knowledge - under the leadership of Chris Jeffries, former World Cup skier and Olympian, we provide in-depth video courses that keep you up to date with the most recent developments in nordic skiing.​​ Chris's current role as High Performance Director at one of Canada's National Training Centres keeps him in touch with the latest developments in the sport.

Fresh Ideas and Inspiration - XC Ski Nation is where we share our best coaching strategies and current thinking about ski technique. Discover new ways to improve your skiing efficiency.​

Feedback and Support - XC Ski Nation is an interactive resource. We provide ongoing support to members, including technique analysis. You are not alone - get help from us as well as support from the international XC Ski Nation community.​​

Dasha Gaiazova Atkins2 x Olympian

XC Ski Nation is a very cost-effective way to learn at your own pace and to have an access to a wealth of skiing knowledge and advice. Even as a coach, I love referring to XC Ski Nation for tips and advice.

XC Ski Nation will help you...

  • Clearly understand modern skate and classic skiing,
  • Stay up to date with new technique and training trends,
  • Get ongoing support and help,
  • Get your ski technique analyzed by experts,
  • Network with other nordic skiers from around the world.

Olivia Bouffard Nesbitt, XC Ski Nation Demo Skier

About Us...

Kim - Director

Kim didn't discover technical nordic skiing until her mid-thirties. The insights she gained as an adult learner help her find novel ways to teach high performance skiing.

Kim has many years experience coaching youth and adult athletes. She's the proud creator of several popular drills, such as the "Stride Triangle", "Invisible Wall", and the "One Skate Dance". She's renowned for her ability to explain technique in clear, simple, easy to understand language.

Kim has 7 years coaching experience and is CANSI and NCCP certified.​

Kai - Head Coach

Kai grew up ski racing​, pursuing the dream as a competitive athlete while coaching skiers at all levels - from young skiers who just want to have fun, to ambitious master's athletes with serious skiing goals.

Kai has a gift for translating the complexities of the sport into simple steps that help adult skiers experience dramatic improvements in their technique. He's an admitted nordic ski geek and loves studying all aspects of cross-country skiing.

Kai has 7 years coaching experience and is NCCP certified.​

Chris - High Performance Coach

Chris is a world class coach and Olympian. He represented Canada on the Canadian Ski Team for 10 years, competing at 4 World Championships, numerous World Cups and the 2006 Winter Olympics. He's currently High Performance Program Director, Alberta World Cup Academy, one of Canada's national athlete training centres.

Chris is beloved in Canada for his generous, charismatic personality and his many talents as a coach and athlete.

Chris has 9 years coaching experience and is NCCP certified.