One Month Membership

$25 USD

The Fine Print

(For additional information, please read the FAQs)

Currency and Taxes

Pricing is in USD because XC Ski Nation members come from around the world. Canadians pay 5% GST.

Refund Policy

One month memberships are non-refundable. Annual Subscriptions have a 2 week money back guarantee. Contact us for refunds.


Annual memberships auto-renew on date of purchase. One month memberships are fixed term.

By the way, sometimes people ask us why we chose an auto-renew subscription model. We tried a fixed term model but, because of the way the software works, it resulted in a lot of frustration for our members and extra admin work for us.

We are not trying to be deceptive or to take your money without you noticing. We send two email reminders prior to renewal and cancelling a subscription is easy.

Access All Content

Annual and One Month members have access to the entire video collection (more than 100 videos). We enjoy making new courses and plan to continually add new courses, but we also reserve the right to stop adding new content at any time.

Gifting Memberships

Unfortunately this option isn't available because of the way the subscription software works. The best thing would be to give a card with the URL and money and have the person sign themselves up.

I know. Not as fun.

Technique Analysis

As a member of XC Ski Nation, you may submit video of yourself skiing for feedback on your technique. Your feedback is shared within the membership community and we own all rights to the analyzed video.

There is no extra fee for this service, but we do not guarantee we'll get to every submission.

Sharing Memberships

Members of the same household may share a membership. Sharing a membership outside of a household is not allowed and will result in cancellation of service. Please remember we are real life skiers and coaches like you.

Terms of Service

Please read our Policies and Terms.

Payments and Credit Card Data

Payments and credit card information are managed by third parties. We don't have access to your credit card information, nor do we store it.

Group Rates

If you'd like to purchase a bundle of 10 or more memberships, please contact us for special pricing.

Free Trial

We removed the Free Trial option because of abuse. Please note, there's a 2 week refund policy.

More Questions?

Contact us.