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Step 1: Do you need to Login?

If you previously signed up to XC Ski Nation (free trial, previous member, partial sign up), you need to log in. Look in the upper right corner of the header. Do you see your name? You’re logged in.  Otherwise, login to your account and reload this page. Go to Step 2.

If you’re new, fill out the form below and follow the instructions on the next page.

Step 2: (For returning members only)

When you click the Sign Up Button below, you will be taken to a new page that looks like the image on the right.

Enter your credit card info in the field circled with the red oval and click the Submit button to complete your registration.

The Fine Print

You are joining XC Ski Nation for one year. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Payment in USD because XC Ski Nation members are from around the world. Canadians pay GST.
  • Refunds: No refunds. Preview the site with the 24 h free pass.
  • Member Technique Analysis: We do our best, but this service is not guaranteed.
  • New Content: The video library is extensive. While we enjoy creating new courses, we reserve the right to stop adding new content at any time.
  • Shared Accounts: Sharing a membership within a household is allowed. Enter a username for the primary account holder or blend your names, like JackandJill. Sharing outside of a household is not allowed and will result in cancellation of service. Please remember that we are real life skiers and coaches, just like you.