XC Ski Nation is a continually growing and evolving resource. This won’t be an exact representation of what you’ll see if you join today, but it will give you a good idea of what it’s like to be a member, so you can decide whether this is the right resource for you.


The Dashboard is the central hub of the site, where you can access all the tools and resources available to members.

There are portals to the Technique Analysis section, where you'll find information about submitting video for technique feedback, the Course Library, where you'll find in-depth courses that cover the theory and practice of nordic skiing, and the Community Forum.

The Technique Analysis Video Archives are found at the bottom of the page. We also have complete libraries of skate and classic ski techniques, demonstrated by Canadian World Cup skiers.

Course Library

The course library is an ever expanding resource where you’ll find in-depth courses, as well as resources like exercises, drills and workout plans.​ You can find example videos on the Sample Page, along with an updated list of courses.

Ultimately there will be content for skiers at all levels. We won’t have any full on training plans, at least for now, but we can add a training plan option in the future, if there’s enough interest.

Look inside a course

The majority of content is video-based and mixes educational information with practical ideas to put into action.

Most lesson videos are only available by live streaming, so you don’t have to worry about managing large files. Where appropriate, we also provide short downloadable videos for easy reference when you’re out of Internet range.

All the courses are linked to the community forum where you can ask questions or join the discussion.

Community Forum

XC Ski Nation is not the sort of resource where you’re just left on your own to watch online videos. You can ask questions and interact with other members inside the Community Forum.

Technique Analysis

The Communal Technique Analysis service works like this: members submit videos of themselves skiing. We use a tablet and app to review the video and provide feedback and suggestions. Analyzed videos are stored in an archive for all members to learn from.

We don't guarantee we'll get to every video submitted, but we do our best.

Additional Resources

The XC Ski Nation Demo videos are collections of simple, clear videos of expert skiers demonstrating each nordic ski technique.

This is an example of where we provide videos in both streaming format and as lightweight, downloadable files. These are great, easy to use reference videos for when you’re out on the trail and have something about technique you want to check.

Is XC Ski Nation right for you?

The members who benefit most from XC Ski Nation enjoy the detailed explanations and demonstrations of ski technique. Many members say they watch the videos repeatedly, deepening their understanding of Nordic ski technique with every viewing.

Members take the clarity and knowledge they gain from watching our videos and translate that into improved efficiency, often enjoying very rapid results.

Our members also report feeling motivated and inspired by the content. They enjoy trying new techniques and experimenting with different ideas.

One thing you won't get from XC Ski Nation is simple, fixed rules about nordic ski technique. That's not our style.

We're open to new ideas and are always looking to expand our knowledge. We strive to be open minded, which means our ideas about technique are subject to change. You need to be comfortable with a more nuanced approach to ski instruction.

If you enjoy learning about the technical aspects of Nordic skiing, XC Ski Nation can accelerate your learning and make the journey more fun.

Reasons Not to Join

The 2016-2017 season is our first year. If you join this year, you’ll be a founding member. The site will not be as complete and extensive as it will be in the future. You should expect some growing pains as we get the site up and running and find the best ways to serve your needs.

Reasons to Join

Having said that, there is one big benefit to joining early and that is you can lock in an annual subscription at the lowest prices we will ever offer. The price of membership will rise in the future, but so long as you don't cancel your subscription, your cost will never increase. Note this is only true for annual subscriptions. Shorter, non-renewing options don’t have legacy pricing.

If you’ve read this far, you must be pretty keen on nordic skiing, so we really hope to meet you inside XC Ski Nation. The next thing you should do, after you watch the sample lessons, is go the pricing page, check out the FAQs there, and then hopefully sign up!